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We would love some help finding its audience on the newish podcasting platform @reasonfm (where we can be heard for free). If we can get to 10 (or more) subscribers on their platform, we can submit to be a featured podcast for a week. This will help us grow our audience which is currently small but mighty. All you have to do is go to their site (or download their app), create an account and subscribe. We would love for you to actually listen, so feel free to stick around and check out our adventures (new and old) where you will hear leadership quotes, wild/crazy quests, and laugh a lot. We are clean and Scout Friendly (as a group of Scouter RPG Players should be). Help us out here:


Leaders N Legacies has been publishing podcasts to Anchor for about 6 months now. We started recording about 11 months ago (12 at the end of this month). A lot of cool stuff has happened… adventures, laughs, art, hoodies, contests and more. Thandor has shown us he doesn’t like to ride horses but does like to ride Giants. Korin really wants coffee, but doesn’t need it. Fezzik and Markas are still trying to find path to friendship. Stanton turned down the chance to be king. Antan is on the path to becoming a Druid or a King.

We have a steady cadre of listeners, but we would love to grow. We think your friends would like us too (or friend of friends, frienemies, cousins, shift supervisors, troop, crew or pack). Help us get the word out if you like us. Recommend us to people you hate if you don’t like us (we hope everyone finds us inviting). We would like double our listnership so we provide more for you (the more support we get the more we afford to do).

We will be trying out new things like this (so let us know what works):

(Re)view to win

Did you miss out on a chance to purchase a Leaders & Legacies Hoodie with art by the amazing Katharine Evans? There is still a chance to win one (2XL) and all you have to do to win is:

Leave us a positive review on podchaser (…) and tweet a picture of your review to @LeadersNLegacy by 12/31 at midnight PT (3 am 1/1 EST). Not on Twitter, post it below in the comments or comment with a picture on Facebook (make sure we know it’s you).

Want to see what the hoodies look like… watch this.

Enter to Win, No Purchase Necessary

Get Some Leaders And Legacies Merch

We are selling Leaders and Legacies Hoodies for the next month via Custom Ink. We will use the proceeds to purchase a commissioned piece of art for the shop and to help us offset some of the art and music costs of the show. $35 gets you a cool hoodie and you help the show too. Go here to order yours today.

Ireland Four One One Forever!

I am a numbers guy. I recently noticed that we have 4% of our traffic coming to this blog from Ireland. This is the biggest group outside of the US to visit our page. I think it’s really awesome that we have an international audience. Interesting thing is that our listenership statistics don’t have any traffic for the podcast coming from Ireland.

Ireland if you are listening let us know you are out there. in another country? Let us know you are out there.

Into the Open

Feedback is a gift. As the party emerges from beneath the Temple of the Fallen Angel (Betula’s Temple) I would like to once again pause and ask “How are we doing?” What can we be doing better, what should we keep doing, what should we stop doing?

We hope you are enjoying the story so far. We have monsters, giants, kobolds and a dragon coming your way,

Are you a Scouter who plays D&D and wants a turn at the table? Let us know your interested. No promises, but I am curious and entertaining some ideas.

New episode on 8/7. New cast member. Many Mini-muffins.

Tells Us About Your Scouter Game

As scout leaders we take on many roles and serve others. We can’t be the only Scout Leaders who are our there playing D&D and TTRPG. We would love to hear what games you are playing. Playing a 2e adventure? How about the new Stargate 5e port? Running Water Deep: Dragon Heist with your Pack Leaders? We want to hear about it.

Chris (Thandor), Seth (Korin) and George (Statan Hobberfield who you have yet to meet) and I have a Dragon Heist campaign that got us hooked on playing together. They are fast approaching the end of the module. We started with the Jimmy Meritt’s “Handful of Heists: Tower Heist Adventure” and have been weaving our way around Waterdeep ever since. The gang at Troll Skull Manor has themself surrounded by Xanathar’s Guild, the Zentarium, and all the other baddies in the module and are battling the gang from Gareth’s Olde Towne Tavern (yes, a Cheers themed enemy). It has gotten us through the pandemic.

Rachel (Fezzik) and I are play in another game where we are fighting our way through Avernus. She is the muscle (a fighter/paladin) and I am the rogue (a kobold bounty hunter). It’s a blast and inspired us to get together. That and we all have Wood Badge and Scouting in common. Wood Badge is just awesome training for Scouters.

Tell us how D&D brings your Scouting friends together. Tell us why you play. Join the fun.

Are you a D&D Player that want to help others? We are alway in need of amazing creative people to step up and help us help youth help others. Reach out to find out how you can add Scouting to your extracurriculars.

Self Promotion Saturday? Promote Yourself or Ourself?

Simulated TTRPG Community Connections

I spent a long time in the back of my wife’s car today. We were road tripping to see a part of the state we have never been to visit before (or at least not together). Last weekend I dabbled in bringing Leaders N Legacies out in the world. I noticed something called #SelfPromoSaturday while getting my tweet on. At first it seems like it was simply a guilt free excuse to drop your creative project in the public view with a catchy little (or big) hashtag.

I spent some time putting my wares on threads and then I came along a post from @HN2DM (the “How Not to DM Podcast”). Assuming it’s Derek, the host, posting and he had a wonderful twist on #SelfPromoSaturday was supposed to work.

The instruction that caught my eye “TAG somebody else who is making awesome stuff”. As my wife would remind me “This isn’t about you, Dave”. It’s about uplifting the community. And the D&D #TTRPG community is amazing, diverse and making a difference for each other. There are so many benefits to being part of this community. The Scouter in this loves this. In fact we started one of our podcast with part of this quote.

“But the real way to get happiness is by giving out happiness to other people. Try and leave this world a little better than you found it and when your turn comes to die, you can die happy in feeling that at any rate you have not wasted your time but have done your best.”

Lord Baden-Powell (

I can’t think about a better way to support the creative efforts of a lot of people and to connect others to that content that #SelfPromoSaturday. Taking the time to promote “Ourself” as vibrant community is a much better paradigm that promoting “Yourself” as a singular creator. Kudos for @HN2DM for pointing this out to me.

So please check out these amazing podcasts and creators:

Join @TheBad_DM and his amazing cast of characters for all their adventures every Friday on #FaeforgeFriday. Then go support them so Stephen can bring a more content.
Leah (@greenleafgeek) has some awesome handmade dice. So pretty and fun to roll.

Feel free to comment below with some folks you want to see get a shout out on #SelfPromoSaturday