Adventure is the choices you make

Attention all TTRPG Scouters (Tabletop game players who are also Scouting leaders). Leaders N Legacies is a 5th Ed. Dungeons & Dragons, actual play podcast, featuring players who are not only fans of D&D but who are also leaders with the Boy Scouts of America. We believe that service to others, our community (local community, Scouting, D&D and the world at large) are important to who we are. If we can play together we make a difference together in the larger world. We also strongly believe that life should be fun.

I’m not a Scouter but love a good D&D podcast… Can I listen too? Absolutely, if you love adventure both D&D (and all Tabletop Games) and Scouting are all about adventure. We want you to check out both groups and make your life the life you always dreamed it would be.

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Just like other podcasts we will have give aways from time to time, events and much more. We hope that you will come back time and again to see what has been happening on the show, check out our new art and find out about S’up WiTHDAT. The show is Scout and Family friendly so feel free to invite the whole family to listen in. You can subscribe, rate us and leave a review on Reason.fm, Podchaser, Apple Podcasts, Anchor and more.

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DM ChatGPT and Dave Adventure in the Northern Wayisloth Territories.

David RockwellCan you be the dungeon master for my solo D&D 5e game? ChatGPTOf course! I’d be happy to act as the Dungeon Master for your solo D&D 5e game. Just to clarify, as an AI language model, I don’t have physical abilities or a physical game board, but I can describe scenarios, non-player characters,…

Want to Play “Waterdeep: Dragon Heist” with DM Dave? Dave is going Pro.

When not recording or editing “Leaders N Legacies”, Dave likes to DM Dungeons and Dragons. One of his favorite adventures is “Waterdeep: Dragon Heist”. It’s never the same twice and players always make the different choices than the last group to go through. Now is your chance to play with Dave. To help offset costs…

Knock your socks on with exciting NEW Gateway of the Gods Merchandise

If you have been wanting to purchase yourself some “Gateway of the Gods” Merchandise your chance is here. We would love for you to purchase a great T-shirt, but we also have Mugs, Pillows, Phone Cases, Laptop Cases and even a Baby Onesie. We licensed the rights to the photo from Jenna and are now…

Phyllis with the Light,

Give us the strength to understand

And the eyes to see.

Bring terror to the dead

And have them flee.

Thandor Valeson (Cleric of Questions and Answers)

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