Meet The players

If you are looking to meet the players (and our Scouter DM) then you have come to the right place.

Dave Rockwell (He/HIM) – Dungeonmaster

Dave has lived his entire life. When not working at a social research contracting firm in suburban DC he spends his time with his wife Kim and their son. He volunteers in several positions for the Boys Scouts of America. He has also performed for over 20 years with ComedySportz and other improv troops in the DC area. He plays D&D because his wife is awesome and told him to. When people let him play D&D, not just DM, he usually tries to play as his alter-ego, the Dwarf Wizard Forge MagicSpoon (He/Him). Why a MagicSpoon? To quote the Sheriff of Nottingham in Kevin Costner’s movie Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, “because it will hurt more”. Follow Dave @TheScouter_DM on Twitter.

Seth Low (He/Him) – Korin Thunderfoot

Seth grew up in Monkton, Maryland, just north of Baltimore. Moved to Charleston South Carolina for College where he met his wife. Together they moved to Washington DC, where they have been living for the last 22 years. Seth is Dungeon Master for Multiple campaigns for family and friends. He enjoys creating worlds and building histories for his characters and npcs. Thankfully he has a wife who fully encourages him to play as a creative outlet. Seth fills his free time, outside of D&D, with coaching little league baseball and Scouting. The character Korin was created based on a combination of Scouts and baseball players that Seth has worked with over the years, and is a character that is very important to Seth on many fronts. 

Christopher Cooper, aka Thandor “Tornado” Valeson

Christopher Cooper is a member of the National Capital Area Council where he is a District Commissioner in the Old Dominion District and a member of the Council Training Committee. He has served as a Den Leader and Committee Chair in Pack 1140, Crew 1853 Committee Chair, and Scoutmaster of Troop 1853. He has also served as a Wood Badge and Powderhorn Course Director. He is also a Vigil Honor member in the Order of the Arrow.

Outside of Scouting, Christopher enjoys spending time in nature. He likes to climb tall mountains, paddle through swamps and lakes, as well has hiking in the woods. His love of nature is very similar to Thandor’s devotion to nature.

Christopher and his lovely wife, Maria, is the father of three boys, all are active in Scouting. The oldest is an Eagle Scout and away at college. The middle boy is very close to making his Eagle Scout, but the darn paperwork is standing in his way. He is also the Lodge Chief of the Amangamek-Wipit Lodge. The youngest boy is working towards his Eagle rank as well as his Summit Rank.

Christopher has worked for the federal government for over 25 years and is a proud civil servant. He has a fabulous office view of the U.S. Capitol and Constitution Avenue.

He has played role-playing games since the early 1980’s, his favorite being the original Boot Hill. He enjoys the fellowship and friendships formed by sitting around a table and rolling some dice.

George Costigan, AKA Stanton Hobberfield

Like the rest of the group, George has lived his life, and in some cases the lives of some other people; however we’re still not allowed to talk about them until after the files have been redacted.

A semi-retired/underemployed government contractor and program manager (available for the right opportunity – let’s talk), George currently serves as a ‘domestic process-improvement engineer’ and doting grandparent when not volunteering in the community and with the Boy Scouts of America.

George is “mature enough” to have started with the original D&D books in the white box. He spent time in the game industry as a playtester, editor, and retailer before rejoining the real world with his wife, kids, and a mortgage.

Work brought him back into the hobby, starting with the role of refighting the Falklands War for a wargaming exercise. This led him back to playtesting and editing commercial historical wargames. He has been assured that he can’t possibly die as he has too many Bavarian cavalry troops, Space Marines, and Carrier Battlegroups to paint and base.

George returned to fantasy TTRPGs when his children found out he played them as a youth; this suddenly made him cool in their eyes. He is running several campaigns for several different combinations of his extended family and their friends; he finally gets to be a player in Dave’s podcast campaign here.

He can be found on Twitter as @GCostigan, where he retweets everything to promote the podcast.