Finally “THE QUEST” A D&D Musical

Check out this amazing play at  Picture shows High Schoolers walking down a hall underneath the picture of a castle.

Get in on The Quest for musical entertainment.

Pandemic got you down? Tired of podcasts trying to get you to listen to their content? Need something to do one evening Feb 11 to 19? How about trying “The Quest“, a D&D Musical co-written by Murray Foster. Murray is an amazing song writer, and founder/director/instructor of the Toronto Songwriting School. He has been a member of the music sensation Moxy Fuvous and made a legacy as member of Canada’s beloved folk rock band Great Big Sea (writing fan favorites like Safe Upon the Shore).

This isn’t Murray’s first venture in to musicals. In December of 2014, Mr. Foster released his passion project “The Cocksure Lads Movie“, a British Invasion movie about a band coming to North America for their big break on the music scene. Filled with catchy tunes, 60 styled wacky comedy and a guest appearance by Alan Doyle (the lead signer from Great Big Sea), this movie is a true blast for people looking for a fun romp. The Cocksure Lads was eventually adapted for stage under the name “Chelsea Sunrise”.

Murray is a true leader in the music community. In addition to having many side projects, he is a creator who cares about the music and the audiences that need to hear it. He is the President of the Toronto’s Urban Orchestra. “The Urban Orchestra brings its audience the proximity and intensity common with other forms of live music – the way orchestral music deserves to be heard”. Teamed with talents like Greg Hawko, an integral leader/performer inToronto’s staging of “Come From Away”, Foster strives to support and build a legacy for Canadian music.

While Leaders N Legacies don’t have anything to do with the play other then The Scouter DM and his wife will be watching online. Why not join us for this interesting event?

You can here our interview with Murray here:

You can follow Murray on Twitter @MurrayFoster1

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