Leaders N Legacies Valentine’s Tray and Dice giveAway

Dice Giveaway? No, Tray and Dice Giveaway. Many ways to enter but only 1 way to win. So get in it to win it. Don’t need dice? We will let you give them to your Valentine. So follow the instructions below and enter to win. Note that some methods give you more chances to win. You have until the evening of February 17th (Making Valentine’s Day into Valentine’s Week) to enter.

Don’t think you can win? You can’t win if you don’t enter. In the worse case scenario you end up listening to the show and liking it, creating as of the current posting the need for you to listen to approximately 19 hours of content (which you can optimize by checking out the blog too). Okay, you could also end up chatting with Dave on Twitter which is not in and of itself too bad. He will try to recruit you to join Scouting or play tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons, Fate, Dread (to name only a few).

But that’s not the point, he might (with the help of his Leaders and Legacies compatriots) attempt to help you improve your life of that of someone near or dear to you. So even if you don’t win you might win, if you know what we mean. I never know what they mean when they say “if you know what I mean” . So if you are confused, just go an enter to win. It’s certainly easier than reading all this.

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