Leaders N Legacies has been publishing podcasts to Anchor for about 6 months now. We started recording about 11 months ago (12 at the end of this month). A lot of cool stuff has happened… adventures, laughs, art, hoodies, contests and more. Thandor has shown us he doesn’t like to ride horses but does like to ride Giants. Korin really wants coffee, but doesn’t need it. Fezzik and Markas are still trying to find path to friendship. Stanton turned down the chance to be king. Antan is on the path to becoming a Druid or a King.

We have a steady cadre of listeners, but we would love to grow. We think your friends would like us too (or friend of friends, frienemies, cousins, shift supervisors, troop, crew or pack). Help us get the word out if you like us. Recommend us to people you hate if you don’t like us (we hope everyone finds us inviting). We would like double our listnership so we provide more for you (the more support we get the more we afford to do).

We will be trying out new things like this (so let us know what works):

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