Tells Us About Your Scouter Game

As scout leaders we take on many roles and serve others. We can’t be the only Scout Leaders who are our there playing D&D and TTRPG. We would love to hear what games you are playing. Playing a 2e adventure? How about the new Stargate 5e port? Running Water Deep: Dragon Heist with your Pack Leaders? We want to hear about it.

Chris (Thandor), Seth (Korin) and George (Statan Hobberfield who you have yet to meet) and I have a Dragon Heist campaign that got us hooked on playing together. They are fast approaching the end of the module. We started with the Jimmy Meritt’s “Handful of Heists: Tower Heist Adventure” and have been weaving our way around Waterdeep ever since. The gang at Troll Skull Manor has themself surrounded by Xanathar’s Guild, the Zentarium, and all the other baddies in the module and are battling the gang from Gareth’s Olde Towne Tavern (yes, a Cheers themed enemy). It has gotten us through the pandemic.

Rachel (Fezzik) and I are play in another game where we are fighting our way through Avernus. She is the muscle (a fighter/paladin) and I am the rogue (a kobold bounty hunter). It’s a blast and inspired us to get together. That and we all have Wood Badge and Scouting in common. Wood Badge is just awesome training for Scouters.

Tell us how D&D brings your Scouting friends together. Tell us why you play. Join the fun.

Are you a D&D Player that want to help others? We are alway in need of amazing creative people to step up and help us help youth help others. Reach out to find out how you can add Scouting to your extracurriculars.

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