Everyone Can Be A Hero

Heroes don’t have a specific look or personality. They are people that make a choice to do the right thing at the right time. They make a difference when a difference is needed. They elevate the normal to become extraordinary. They invite us to be our better selves. They are companions on the journey of life that get us over the difficult parts with leadership, teamwork and service.

As you listen with us on Leaders and Legacies, you will see characters making choices. Are those characters perfect? No. No one is perfect.

Are they heroes? Maybe, it’s all in the choices they will make.

Do they struggle with choices? They will. Part of the adventure here is to see what choices the players will make and how they react to the consequences of their choices. Heroes will make the choices that need to be made, sometimes in spite of how they feel about something for the common good, for what is right and to help others. Are these choices always easy? No. But in the end hopefully the good will prevail.

We hope as you listen you will struggle along side of us to make the hard choices. Hopefully the choosing will be part of the excitement. Hopefully we see heroes emerge.

Everyone can be a hero.

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