Where does that path lead? The only way to know is to take the path. Walk the walk, see the sights. It is nice to be outside. To quote my friend Thandor “I like to walk in the woods”. But is that adventure?

It is. You find out about the world and yourself.

Table Top Role Playing Games get us to explore “where does that path lead”. Exploring is done by a group, in their imaginations at a table, at a computer or just about anywhere you can gather your party. The forest is all around waiting to be explored.

What will we find down that imaginary path? Magic? Yes. Adventures? Yes. Ways to make ourselves better? Yes.

How does pretending to be a magical wizard or a wonder cat person cleric make us better people? Role playing allows us to try on different character and attitudes. We can find ways to better communicate. We can have fun in a safe space without people judging us, in fact encouraging us to take risk and maybe win big. We can learn from failure in game, and apply that to experiences in real life.

Come listen and explore. Our hope is you will want to find a table and play some yourself.

Tell us what you have found in your adventures or what you have gotten out of being around the table in the comments. We would love to know what you have found down your paths.

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