The Nature of Our Podcast

Leaders N Legacies is like the peanut butter cup of podcasts. A Table Top Role Playing Game (TTRPG) on the outside and volunteers who care about people and nature on the inside. When we dreamt up this adventure at our session zero trees and groves were something we kept coming back to tree. Druids, rangers and clerics emerged as central to what would drive the campaign. Nature and the natural world were important to our characters and to us as players. Nature will be all around during this adventure.

The members of our party (and their DM/GM) love the out of doors. We think it is not only a place to learn about our best selves, but a place to be shared. Shared not only with our current friends and and neighbors, but with generations that come after us. Nature is where we live (even if we hide it with “civilian”) and our choices have effects far beyond just our immediate environment. We will explore those beliefs as part of our game. We aren’t trying to preach about anything specific, but we want to expose others to principles and decide how best to implement them for themselves, their families & neighbors and all the people that come after us.

One place you can start your own journey with figuring out your place in nature is over at at Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics and their website LNT.ORG. Think about the principles they present and put them in context for your life and for your adventures in the outdoors. Come here an comment about how well we do with leaving no trace during the game. Think of it as a game within the game.

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