Will There Be Dungeons?

Wayisloth is a huge continent with several mountain ranges, open plains, a beautiful coastline and yes a large number dungeons. Some will be hidden beneath the Lost Groves of Wayisloth, some are below castles/mountains and still other will be cached away in secret locations. All will be deadly to visit.

Our story opens in the Sandarian and the plains to the south. The party has ventured forth to get way from the civilization and to look, like many do, for the the Lost Groves of Wayisloth. They will meet many of those who live in the hills and plains, but they will also venture far and wide. Not all places will welcome them. Some will be too friendly.

Why is that we love the idea of exploring dungeons? They are places of terror, monsters and trap. Death could wait beyond the next step. One of my favorite games, Munchkin (by Steve Jackson Games) captures the essence of what is to love about dungeons in TTRPGs. Just a few easy steps:

  • Open the door (Kick it In, Turn the knob, or pick the lock… and turn the knob).
  • Fight anything that needs to be fought (and can be defeated)
  • Look for Treasure
  • Assess your readiness to move forward.

Fast paced action, enemies to overcome (by force, by thought/word, or by deed) is what draws un in. In a word, dungeon’s are a “Challenge”. Do we have the skill, intelligence and bravery to face what lays just beyond the next corner or door? In D&D we get to practice opening the door and facing what is there. In Scouting you get the chance to do it for real

So Yes, there will be dungeons. Let’s face them togheter.

What draws you into your adventures (real or imagined)?

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