The Wooden Angels of Wayisloth

An angel in silhoette in front of an orange burst of magical energy.

The religions of Wayisloth are tied to the magical groves sprinkled across the continent. While a variety of Gods are worshipped based on the traditons of the people and nations, most focus on the connection of the people and the land. Nature is central to all religions on the continent.

Several religions all share a common myth that is tied to visits by angels that help these religions connect Nature.  These visitors are often only mentioned as the Wooden Angels in ancient texts. The angels were teachers and guides who helped the priests, and their followers, connect to the untapped power of nature for healing and other magics. Some believe the Wooden Angels were only carved totems that served as conduits for the messengers of their deities that conveyed teaching to acolytes and priests. Other religions have stories of these Wooden avatars visiting, teaching and living among those learned adapts.

Whatever the truth of the visits from the Wooden Angels, their visits lay long in the past. Their presence in Wayisloth is all but forgotten, except by the most learned of religious scholars. Those who know only can hope that the angels may one day return.

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